Saturday, June 28, 2008

Etsy Pittsburgh at I Made It Sundae Market - June 15 2008

We were out having a great time in the sun at the lovely Schenley Plaza for I Made It Sundae Market. We're focusing on team vending this summer. Outdoor markets are a great activity when the weather is this nice.
I was lucky to be next to Cosy and Lauren, who shared their shade with me. We had sun all day and some of us got burned. We should have stayed under our tents!
In spite of all that, Lauren carded up her beautiful handmade buttons, Cosy made a hat, and I worked on the Great Bikini Experiment. The whole day was just fun.
There were only a few minor wind-related tragedies. Stuff fell over. People picked it up. Nothing appeared to be broken. We were relieved.
Upcoming we are looking at the Twighlight Market in the Northside, which runs weekly. When we've selected our attendance dates, we'll post them here. Today many members will be at I Made It in the Southside, for Southside:250. The next Sundae Markets are Scheduled for September.

Etsy Pittsburgh this Saturday

Check out another I Made It.
Team members will be in the South Side for part of the Pittsburgh 250 Celebration. Go check them out.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Looking for Something?

Your Mom's made friends with some tattoo artists.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Glass Workshop

spaces are still available for the flameworking workshop! and for anyone interested in a glass fusing workshop, i now have tools for 3-4 people at a time (5 if you are good at sharing), and my glass selection has rather dramatically changed - less plain solid colors, lots of gorgeous fancy iridescent and spirit (solid background with color blobs) glass. still $25 per person. i'll come to your chosen location with all the supplies, you and your friends have a great time making stuff, then i'll get it fired at the pittsburgh glass center and make arrangements to drop off your finished pieces.


the flameworking workshop is now open to friends & family of the etsy pgh street team

please bump the thread and register asap to reserve your spot!