Monday, July 21, 2008

Help Spread the Etsy!

The new Etsy referral feature is great.
Tech Updates: Invite a Friend
from Etsy :: The Storque

We are pleased to announce the addition of an Invite a Friend feature to Etsy. Registered Etsy members can now send an email to a friend or contact, inviting them to check out Etsy. Eventually, this new feature will tie into a referral program. For now, please help us by telling all your friends about Etsy in a quick and easy way and watch the number of referrals that have become registered Etsy members because of you grow straight from Your Etsy!

You may have noticed a few changes to the look of the top right of your Etsy screen! We have added an additional text link between Help and Logout called Invite.

Try it on your mailing list. Your mom. (ha) All your friends from college. Your Facebook contacts. Your crafty friends. People you work with. People who buy too much at Target. Your neighbor.

We'll be checking back in a week to see how many people you got signed up!

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