Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Charmed by Nature

Charmed by Nature, originally uploaded by hairycarrot.

"The twilight market is a tiny bit of heaven! I brought home so many goodies...bread, spices, pierogies, blueberries, zukes... The smells coming from my kitchen right now are amazing! The other vendors were SO friendly! I found a loaf of bread on my table at the end and didn't even get to say thanks! You guys have to meet the woman who has a farm in Mercer... she has turkeys, goats, sheep...a garden..she also spins her wool and knits and makes soap from the goat's milk. She showed us goat skins that were tanned using the goat's brains. I could totally be this woman's groupie!:)
I had some sales which is always nice and had a great time hanging out with Lz and EJ and Jenn. So many fun ideas!
I think my blueberry pie is done..mmmmm

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