Monday, November 9, 2009

Steel Town Crafters Represent at Steampunk Day!

Etsy Pittsburgh members Tamara and Niffer recently delighted in the neo-Victorian funkitude that is Steampunk, recently vending their wares at Brooklyn Indie Market's Second Annual Steampunk Day in late October. There they peddled their handmade fabulosity and took in the Fashion Show and all-around eye-candy!

Tamara had this to say about the day on her blog:

A rift in the space time continuum opened as steampunk fashion invaded Carroll Gardens in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. Neither the rain throughout the day, that was downright torrential at times, nor the rerouting of the F train that normally stops around the corner from the market deterred adventuring enthusiasts who turned out in large numbers.

Tam! And Tam's table displaying her repurposed beer bottles decorated with Absinthe ad images.

Outside the red and white striped circus tent, attendees in their steampunk style could be seen strolling along side cars, buses, and modern businesses. Inside, stepping through the doors of the tent transported attendees back in time to an era that exists as an alternate timeline. Shiny brass gears and items inspired by steam powered technology mingle with Victorian fashion. Whimsical wares incorporating this technology with a Victorian aesthetic are the norm in this alternate era and were offered for sale by 20 different vendors.


The event was widely covered by the press and stories can be seen at the following locations: Time Out New York, Steampunk Day at the Brooklyn Indie Market, Metromix New York (the edge of my table is in photo 47/51, to the left of Berit New York, and Niffer can be seen in photo 48/51), nonsociety (scroll right until you find the 10/24 entry), & Celine Gaille's blog La Preneuse de Temps.

Tam, of Barker Bell Heirlooms and Designs, and Niffer, of 19 Moons, are also excited to be attending & vending at the Steampunk World's Fair in May 2010!

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