Thursday, February 11, 2010

Steel Town Etsy News: Snow, Fans, and Newbies!

The biggest news in the Steel Town area over the past couple of weeks is SNOW that has womped Pittsburgh twice! Urgh. One good thing about this blanket of sticky fluff covering everything, besides the pretty snow globe effect, is that lots of time holed up inside with hot chocolate and a blanky means lots of extra opportunity to craft!

As we know, a boatload of snow brings a huge number of hassles, too, not the least of which is making it impossible for anyone to get out and shop local handmade! :( Last weekend on February 6th,
I Made It!, the area's most craft-tastic indie craft market, was forced to cancel its Valentine show "I Made It! Mine" due to inclement weather! Lots of hard work down the drain, or at least put on hold. And lots of time, footwork, and fundage lost by I Made It! admin on advertising and on renting space and tables and chairs! If you were scheduled to vend at the show, please consider waiving the return of your vending fee to help I Made It! recoup costs, or donating a little something to help reduce loss. Send an email for info on how to do so.

Help local crafters recoup costs and time, too, and while you're stuck in the house in this white out, take an online jaunt through some
terrific Pittsburgh Etsy shops and spend some of your hard-earned mula on local indie artisans! ;)

In more team happenings, we've got a brand new
Facebook fan page and group page! It really is brand-spankin' new, so please be patient while we spiff it up. ;) And please become a fan and join our group, and suggest the pages to all of your pals! Feel free to post there about any team and local crafty news you'd like to share. Also, we've started a new Flickr page to replace our old one- fresh starts and all. ;) Please come join, members, and post your crafty pics for all to see!

Last, but certainly not least, Steel Town Etsy has grown! We've got some awesome new members joining our crafty bunch. Please check out their shops and give them a warm welcome:

MandyGiehll - Handmade Topiaries, Wrapped Bangles, Hemp Jewelry, and Photography

JennyKayDesigns - Original Paintings and Home Decor

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you totally didn't have to do that but IMI thanks you!