Thursday, August 12, 2010

Name Contest & Decorating: The NEW Pittsburgh 'Local Handmade' Vending Machine!

Announcing the yet-to-be-named Pittsburgh traveling craft vending machine!! It may look like any ordinary cigarette vending machine right now, but soon it will be embellished, jazzed up and filled with local handmade creations! AND WE NEED YOUR HELP TO NAME AND DECORATE IT!

Inspired by the Art-o-Mat machines that offer mini OOAK art, our machine will offer a sampling of what is being handmade in Pittsburgh. Instead of each piece being different, we are embracing our industrial heritage and offering items that are crafted clones of each other like our own Andy Warhol's repeated printings.

The goal of the machine project is to spread the word about the local craft scene by placing the machine in different locations throughout the city - bars, art centers, welcome centers, museums.etc. There will be an under-glass posting area on the machine to advertise local craft events and craft groups. The idea is to share not only access to the crafts themselves but where else they can be found in a store, online and at local markets. Each item will have the biz card of the crafter that made the item, along with the facebook page (to be unveiled once the machine is named!) for the machine so they can post happy customer pics and find out where the machine is going to be next. They even get a folded biz card for the machine with a mini button attached instead of a pack of matches!! The machine will even have its own Facebook page, where all of the current handmade goods in the machine will be displayed via photo.


WHAT: Decorate the Machine Open House
WHEN: Sunday, August 22nd, 2010, 4-6pm
WHERE: Wildcard in Lawrenceville, 4209 Butler Street (map)

Rebecca Morris has VERY graciously offered to let us decorate the machine in her wonderful store Wildcard in Lawrenceville. On Sunday August 22nd there will be a "Decorate the Machine" Open House from 4-6pm. Bring some E6000 (use a Michael's 40% off coupon) and some scrabble tiles, dominoes, glass globs, random fun stuff, steampunk or Pittsburgh-related items, etc., and we will artfully mosaic the machine into something eye-catching and snazzy.

*Note- Please make sure there are no sharp edges or anything that would catch anyone or their clothes.

The machine will stay at Wildcard after the Open House for a trial run to work out any kinks. It is so wonderful to have someone who supports and loves local crafts like Rebecca to do this.

So put together your colorful doodads and join in the decorating fun!

~~* The person who brings the most nifty item to decorate with will win a fabulous prize submitted by a talented local artisan(s). *~~ :)

Light refreshments will be served.


We are looking for your fabulous ideas for naming the vending machine! Submit names by commenting on the contest's Facebook Page through midnight EST on Saturday, August 21st. The winner will be announced at the machine-decorating open house at Wildcard on August 22nd (details above) and will get a tote bag full of awesome local handcrafted goodies!! If you would like to donate a handmade something to the winner prize bag, please bring it with you on the 22nd to the open house. We would love to see all entrants at our Open House, but those who cannot be present may pick up their prize bag at Wildcard after the event.


Interested in having your own crafty creations for sale in the machine? Please let us know!

Submission Guidelines:

*All types of art and crafts will be considered, and Pittsburgh-themed creations are especially welcome. In order to ensure that a diversity of items are available in the machine at any given time, not all artisans will be accepted to be vendors.

*Items must be smaller than a pack of cigarettes and priced at either $5.00 or $10.00 (the machine will have one row of $5.00 items and one row of $10.00 items). Boxes that fit the machine will be at the Open House (details above) for test-runs of your item size.

*Those who are accepted must submit 20 finished pieces to start.

*The fee to vend in the machine will be small, mostly to cover cost of boxes, printing and any rent charged. 100% OF VENDING MACHINE SALES GO BACK TO THE ARTIST!

*Email a clear picture of your items to Lynne of Charmed By Nature at for consideration.

Please offer any suggestions for the project including places you think might be interested in hosting the machine. Once the Facebook page is up, please suggest it to your friends!!


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