Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Steel Town Etsy Member Feature: Alicia Kachmar

Alicia Kachmar, with her Etsy shop Eternal Sunshine, creates some of the most adorable and original crocheted creations you can imagine.  Her crocheted pierogi have quickly become a favorite item in the The Travelling Pittsburgh Craft-O-Tron Machine and her new book will soon become a favorite among crafters and Halloween fans in general.

 Instead of the usual member feature, this will focus on her new book: Witch Craft: Wicked Accessories, Creepy-Cute Toys, Magical Treats, and More!  First, Steel Town Etsy would like to extend a hearty congratulations to Alicia for having a book published!  She's co-editor of the book as well as a contributor of four of the projects featured within.  The projects are all adorable, original, and the well-written instructions make them all seem easy to replicate.

The book is available in Pittsburgh at Barnes and Noble (their display is pictured above) and Borders, as well as from

Our favorite project?  Why, the ruby slippers on the cover, of course!  They're modeled quite fabulously by Alicia herself.  Other favorite projects are tiny, edible jack-o-lanterns created from tangerines and oranges, freaky finger food, and creepy crocheted bones. 

Cooler Fall temperatures bring out the desire to bake, create, and decorate.  While this book doesn't include Halloween decorating tips, it has plenty of ideas to indulge your desire to create, both in the kitchen and at your craft table.  Some of the projects would also make adorable additions to your Halloween decor.

If you're a fan of Halloween, as many of us on the team are, or just looking for inspiration for some unique projects, please take the time to check out Alicia's new book.

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Candy Kisses said...

I've borrowed that creepy cute crochet book from the library it was sweet I made a ninja. I love arigarumi I'll have to check her book out ^.^ Her perogies are cute!