Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Steel Town Etsy Members Join Roving Hordes of Zombies Invading Market Square

If some of you have been wondering if some of the Steel Town Etsy members are really crafty zombies, we now have photographic evidence that some of them are.

 On 10/10/10 the dead walked again as the It's Alive Show hosted Zombie Fest as a food drive for the Pittsburgh food bank and an attempt to break the official Guinness world record for the largest gathering of zombies.  Pittsburgh has held the record in the past but was beaten by Seattle last year.  The official count at the end of the day was 4,590 zombies which, for now, is enough to bring the record back to Pittsburgh where it belongs.  Among those zombies, were several members of Steel Town Etsy, some of whom were even vendors.

Market Square was the perfect setting for the event and it provided a wonderful backdrop for many great shots throughout the day.

It was wonderful to see so many creative people come together for a good cause, and good, clean, if not somewhat bloody, fun.   Local artists and a couple of small, local businesses sold their wares at the event, and the zombies in attendance showed that they had plenty of brains as they purchased many items from these vendors.  Lynne, who made the brains on chains seen below as well as the zombie sachets to chase away the scent of decay at the end of the day commented, "You know, even though some of the zombies look really scary, they're actually really nice."

Events like this help make Pittsburgh a fantastic city to live in and help promote the local art scene.  Thanks to all the zombies who supported the local arts and businesses at this event.  It was wonderful seeing so many like-minded people in one place.

The end to a fantastic day!

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