Monday, July 18, 2011

The Perfect Treasury!

One of my favorite things to do on Etsy is to make Treasuries. If you're anything like me, you'll click from page to page searching for those perfect items. Before you know it, an hour and half went by. Your end product is a beautiful curation of handmade and vintage items. But here's the thing... Are you maximizing your and the featured artists exposure with your treasury??? There are several things you can do to make sure you time is worth the effort. Maybe you'll achieve the Holy Grail of Etsy... The Front Page!

  1. Pretty in Pink
    Make your treasury beautiful. Take your time curating it. Consider your theme and/or color scheme. Maybe you only want to pick a few colors for your treasury. Or pick a fun theme like your favorite book or vacation spot. Let your artistry shine through your treasury. When people see a treasury they like, it can provoke them to gander at the curators shop. Remember to choose items with photos that are well done, too.
  2. In the Mix
    Pick a good mix of items. Include handmade,vintage and even supplies. Try not to include more then one item of the same type. I know there are lots of beautiful earrings on Etsy, but resist putting them all in one treasury. It's good to include a variety of items to keep the onlookers interest, but it's considerate to the featured artists as well.
  3. Tag! You're it!
    You've probably seen this suggestion a hundred times but it is so important. Tag your treasuries. Consider tagging with the color scheme you used, items featured, general theme, and of course, any teams you participate in (like Steel Town Etsy!!!) If you still have tags and no ideas on how to use them you can always check the tags the artist put on there featured item.
  4. Word.
    Let everyone know about your amazing treasury. Post links to in on your website, blog, and Facebook. Mention your current treasury in your Shop Announcements or your About Me page on Etsy. Make sure all your Etsy Team members know about it, too. Put it in the discussion thread on the team page.
  5. Danke Schoen
    You spend a lot of time on your treasuries. Right??? You've made it into a beautiful display of handmade and vintage items. It features several talented artists who you know take care in creating their products. And YOU SHOULD BE THANKED!!! If you are featured in a treasury, remember to thank the curator! They worked hard for you. You know that at least the other artist featured will see your item. Those are all potential buyers. If you don't remember to thank, you risk alienating yourself from your community and losing an opportunity to be featured again.
    Curators should also consider sending a little message to featured artist. Nothing long winded just something like, “Loved your item. Featured it in my treasury.”
A great treasury can drive traffic to all those that participate in it. Remember these tips, have fun with it and check out the treasuries below!!!

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