Monday, December 15, 2008

Introducing Rough Around the Edges! The Second CityCraft Handmade Holiday Happy Hour Market Featured Artist for Today.

I'm pleased to introduce you to today's featured CityCraft artist -Rough Around the Edges.

Alex Lobus, of Rough Around the Edges, says "I make decor and small furniture pieces from repurposed wood. All of the wood I work with is old and taken from torn down or rehabbed homes in and around Pittsburgh. I expose all of the charm of the wood and create new pieces from parts of old things. I will be offering picture frames, various types and sizes of shelves, and cabinets. I also have chalkboards, various key hook/holders, and framed decorative tiles."

He has exhibited at numerous local venues, including the Three Rivers Arts Festival, and is truly an extremely talented artist. Even though his business name is Rough Around the Edges, his pieces never are. They do all, however, retain vestiges of vintage charm.

Come to Navarra on December 18th from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm to shop local, shop handmade, and see Rough Around the Edges along with numerous other talented artisans.

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