Sunday, December 14, 2008

Introducing Unique Gel Candles! The Second Featured Artist for Today's CityCraft Handmade Holiday Happy Hour Market.

For today’s special double CityCraft artist feature, I'm excited to introduce our second featured artist, Lorry Barone of Unique Gel Candles.

Lorry is a gifted artist who has been handcrafting gel candles for close to eight years. Her candles are extremely safe, provide exceptional fragrance release & last twice as long as traditional wax made candles. She uses only the finest of materials when making her gel candles.

Lorry considers her Seascape Candles to be her specialty. Her delightfully whimsical underwater candles are most certain to please!

Her Drink Candles are sure to get a lot of attention too. They look so real they may be mistaken for an actual beverage!

Want to show some team spirit? Why not light a Unique Gel Candle fashioned in honor of your favorite sports team! For whatever you fancy or for whatever occasion, Lorry can easily custom design a unique candle just for you.

And so we welcome you to join us at Navarra on December 18th from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm to shop local, shop handmade, and see Unique Gel Candles along with many more talented artisans.

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